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Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that are a source of nutrition for the good bacteria (probiotics) already present in the skin microbiota.

Applied to the skin, prebiotics promote the survival and selective proliferation of good bacteria, balancing the delicate balance of the skin microbiome.

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All the benefits of the

Prebiotic skincare enriched with natural active ingredients of organic origin

What is the skin microbiota and how can you keep it in balance?

The skin microbiota (or resident bacterial flora) is the set of microorganisms living on the skin: good bacteria (commensals), pathogenic bacteria (opportunists), fungi, viruses and microeukaryotes.

When the skin is healthy, good and pathogenic microorganisms coexist in harmony.

The delicate balance of the skin is vulnerable to bacterial imbalances, which can cause dryness and other skin imperfections.

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All the benefits of prebiotic skincare

Application of prebiotic-based creams and cosmetics nourishes and nourishes good bacteria, positively influencing the skin microbiome.

When the skin is balanced, its surface appears: